Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews

6th Degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo

Owner of Matthews Martial Arts with over 275 students.

With almost 20 years point sparring experience.

And over 15 years point sparring instruction.

Jason has won multiple Texas State Titles in sparring also some National Black Belt League Tournaments and he continues to  compete at NASKA world events with wins in the AA Professional Black Belt division.

Jason has also instructed and coached many students (all belt ranks) to both state and world titles.

I’ve received the “Instructor of the year Award” in Texas multiple times. An award received for having the most students qualify to compete at the state finals.

I’ve competed against some of the very best point fighters in the world. I’ve attended seminars and hosted seminars with some of the best point fighters in the world.  I’ve learned that we all seek critiques from a different perspective.

Most everyday I teach private lessons and classes on sparring. Usually the first thing we do in my lesson is critique my students fights from their previous tournament.  Anyone who aspires to be at the top of their field needs critical advice to reach that level.  The difference between holding your own and dominating is all in the details.

I have a passion for coaching martial artists of all ages and belt ranks to be the best version of their selves. Let us show you what you can’t see yet.