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About Critique My Fight

Point sparring is an interesting sport. It begins by learning about foot work, distance management and explosiveness but as you progress in your fighting career you begin to get deeper into the strategy of point sparring.

Our passion is point sparring. We have developed this website to help you improve you fighting. How valuable would it be for you to have a World Champion fighter review your fight?
At Critique My Fight our job is to deliver the best instructors and fighters to you. We have access to the best in the industry. They can critique your fight and point out areas where you can improve! Show you what to work on and discuss drills for training. This can be invaluable information to help you improve your fighting and win your division.

What We Do

Have you every wanted a World Champion fighter or instructor give you a few pointers? That's what Critique My Fight is all about!


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Instructor will critique your fight


Instructor will then upload your video for your review

Who We Are?

We are a team of professionals passionate about point sparring. Lead by Sigung Jason Matthews a World Champion point sparring instructor our goal is to show you how to improve your game.